how to get and evolve song of mana in vampire survivors

How To Get Song Of Mana In Vampire Survivors

An outstanding Arm for massive AoE bursts and clearing hordes of trash mobs in Vampire Survivors is Song of Mana. Its predecessor, Mannaija, is also effective in dealing damage to a host of enemies on-screen.

However, Song of Mana can do it at a faster speed and from a broader range. For this reason, it fits perfectly for AoE builds with slow-moving or immobile units like Peppino, a Secret Character in Vampire Survivors.

However, it takes players extra effort to jump through different hoops to unlock Song of Mana. Doing this will make the Weapon available for the rest of their roster.

Like the Gatti Amari in Vampire Survivors, you can only unlock the Song of Mana by surviving in a fight. To unlock Song of Mana, you must survive 15 mins with a playable character named Poppea Pecorina.

Players can obtain a Poppea by finding her coffin in the Dairy Plant. This is in the third Normal Stage in the game, and it becomes accessible only when survivors have reached level 40 in the inlaid Library.

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You can locate Poppea’s casket at the lower-right side of the map. Even at that, it can be tricky locating it. For this reason, it is wise for players to find the Milky Way in the Dairy Plant before searching for Poppea on the stage.

Any fan of Vampire Survivor must follow the green HUD arrow pointing to where the relic is to find the Milky Way Map in the Dairy Plant. Players can easily locate Poppea Pecorina’s coffin when they have acquired the milky way map. On the map, it is indicated by a white question mark.

How to Unlock the Song of Mana

It can be recalled that the Song of Mana becomes available for all playable characters in Vampire Survivors after players survive 15 mins with Poppea at any stage. Regardless, it should be known that entering the Mad Forest would be the easiest way complete this task. This is the first and easiest map in the entire game.

How to Evolve the Song of Mana into Mannajja

Lovers of Vampire Survivors must acquire the Skull O’maniac to evolve the Song of Mana into Mannaija. The Skull O’Maniac is a passive item that increases the curse by 10% per level. For players to unlock this item, they must first survive 30 mins with a character named Lama

Ladonna. Lama can be found in the character selection list after players have survived 20 mins with at least 10% curse active. Players can just buy the PowerUp curse with Gold to achieve this feat easily. Also, players can choose to use Concetta, Zi’Assunta’ and Marrabio.

The game is designed in such a way that the aforementioned three characters start every stage with a 10%+ curse by default. Therefore, players can use their passive items to evolve their Song of Mana into Mannaija in Vampire Survivors. This is done when Lama has managed to survive the game for 30 mins or more to unlock the Skull O’Maniac.

We’ve thrown more light on the significance of Song of Mana in Vampire Survivors as well as how to get it and evolve it for your advantage. Do well to leverage this article and share.

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