fate of the gods quest guide

Fate Of The Gods Quest Guide

Getting Started

You need to use a lodestone to get to the Eagles’ Peak faster and more efficiently. At Eagles Peak, travel to the south, where you will meet Azzanadra. You will receive the quest from Azzanadra. You can accept Azzanadra‘s quest by clicking on the [Ill help if I can] option shown in the dialogue menu.

You will be exposed to the World Gate when Azzanadra is explaining it. World Gate is like a portal that can reach all planes in existence. He will also enlist the help of Sliskle, where. He pulls the portal out of the Shadow Realm. There is a combination lock that you will solve before you can activate the portal.

When Sliskle appears, it will pull you into the Shadow Realm and offer you a proposal, after which he tells you the combination lock. After that, he will write the answer on the pillar nearer to the Gate. You will obtain the combination M-A-H shown in the runic alphabet.

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Travel toward the World Gate and press the console in front of the Gate. You will use it to plug in the combination lock to activate the portal. You can follow the steps as detailed below.




Rotate right to M


Rotate left to A


Rotate right to H

After activating the World Gate, you must make all necessary preparations and enter the Gate with full force.

Entering Zaros Sanctum

You will reach The Approach when you enter the World Gate. The Approach is the fiercest and most significant area of FreneskaeYou will need to wear a face mask to survive the air that pollutes this area. If you dont have any, you should move quickly because you will lose 50 life points every 15 seconds. 

When you reach the end of The Approach, you will see Zaros Sanctum there. At the other end, you will see a door wrinkled with symbols on it.

To open it, you will encounter simple puzzles you will solve in the three stages. You have to rotate the panels seen at the door to match the symbols as placed. Once you match the puzzles correctly, it will light up the lines between the dials.

Fight with Nihils in the Pit

Once you enter the room, you will be challenged by four nihil creatures that you must defeat. Each of them appears based on Ancient Magicks elements. The nihils have unique tactics and battle styles that make them robust to defeat.

You must defeat all the nihil as dying or escaping will allow them to regain their full health.

Ice nihil – this nihil often runs to the south and uses ranged attacks to attack you. When attacked with its special attack, you receive 6 seconds of stun, and your point will drain by 50%.

Smoke nihil – this nihil runs to the west and attacks with magic. When it attacks you, your Attack decreases Strength, Magic, Ranged, and Defense by 5 up to 3 times. It can range up to a total of 15.

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Shadow nihithis nihil will run to the north and make use of a ranged attack. The special attack will produce a shadow bomb at your immediate position and rapidly damage you.

Blood nihil this nihil will run to the east and uses a melee attack. When it uses the special attack, it will obstruct all incoming damage and heal itself. It can also heal other nihils, so you should consider eradicating it first.

Once you have defeated them all, travel to the north and open the door, as it will now be unlocked.

The Cradle of Mah

Identify the big sleeping figure, climb to it, and then climb down the cliff to see its left hand. An element will emerge asking you to stop – thats the Zaros talking. Zaro will tell you that Mah is that sleeping figure, an elder god.

You will be moved to the mind threshold, and you can ask Zaros any question. When youre through, talk to Zaros, and he will tell you to defend against Mahs nightmare once you leave the mind threshold.

You can now approach Mah to start the nightmare battle. The nightmare will last for some minutes, and you must defeat Muspahs. You will need a lot of prayer and food during this battle. You should also make use of a beast of burden.

Halls of the Elders

When youre through with the nightmare, you will see a cradle opposite where you entered, follow it and climb down. Pick all the Mah wisps seen there and give Zaros a simulacrum that he will use to produce its new body. To support Zaros, give him a dark simulacrum or give him the usual light simulacrum.

Before Mah wakes, Zaros must have teleported you away. Mah wakes and enters the World Gate. You will be back here when youre done talking with Zaros.

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Finally, the return of Zaros 

Lastly, when you walk through the World Gate, you will see the return of Zaros from the Shadow Realm. Zaros will give his followers assignments when he meets them.

Whatever you give to Zaros, light or dark simulacrum, he will reward you with many things. You will be affiliated with him and can also talk to him through a device in the Sanctum.


The quest is all around Death, who went missing. It also goes to Icthlarin, the Menaphite god of the dead. Icthlarin wants to take over Deaths role till he is found.

OptionalThe quest listed below is necessary to complete the storyline and receive additional rewards. But theyre all optional to play.

  • The World Wakes
  • The Firemakers Curse
  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat
  • The Temple at Senntisten


This is very heavy on combat and tanking. The skills required for this are very high.

  • SummoningLVL 67
  • AgilityLVL 73
  • DivinationLVL 75
  • SlayerLVL 76
  • MagicLVL 79

Skills Explained 


You will need summoning to summon Familiars from the Spirit Plane with the summoning pouches.

How to Get Started: You will automatically receive Skill. If youre free to play player, you can only level up this Skill to level 5.

How to Level Up: To level up your summoning skill, you should continue summoning pouches.


This skill gives you support, especially terrain shortcuts around the whole RS3. You will also receive support in fishing, hunting, etc.

How to Get Started: The skill will be automatically added to you.

How to Level Up: You can level up your Agility when you complete the agility courses.


This skill allows players to get Guthixs residual life force leaking throughout Gielinor. It will enable you to get divine energy and memories from wisps. You will use these energies to make things like portents, divine locations, etc.

How to Get Started: Visit Orlas Fairweather in the Divination Camp and talk to him. The Divination Camp is south of the Draynor Village Jail. 

How to Level UpYou need to harvest divine energy. You can do this by activating a wisp that will turn it into a spring. Once done, harvest it as divine energy.

You can also level up when you Convert wisps memories into small Divination experience points. 

Final Thoughts

The fate of God is heavy on combat. Ensure to equip and prepare your character and items to face the battle. Its an addicting game you will always enjoy. Good luck.

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