elemental awakening script

Elemental Awakening Script

About Elemental Awakening

Elemental awakening as a game has a lot of potential, practically, it makes my brain hurt. It is exactly the type of concept VR has been longing for.

Safe to say that it has been fleshed out beautifully for something in its early access stage. Have you watched the movie series Avatar? The last Airbender and/or The Legend of Korra. If you have, this game will certainly be like accomplishing a childhood dream.

With the ability to control large wind vortexes, toss fireballs from your hips, and raise pillars of rock from the ground, all these are things that we all have hoped for as children as well as making water levitate. Recently, there have been some inconsistent performances with the FPS and some of the graphics are still in the basic stage.

Nevertheless, I’ve contacted the developers through their Discord channel. Hopefully, the passionate developers behind the channel will try their possible best to fix the problems as soon as possible.

These developers are very dedicated and it reflects in the game. Honestly, there’s a lot to tell about this game and anyone that is enthusiastic about the future of VR just like I am should give this game a try. You sure won’t be disappointed in any way.

As much as folks like this game, Not many can put their reputation on the line to recommend it. You’re to fight a computer that lays an attack just too fast for you to catch up. While this is less of a problem, the big problem here is that all the elements act in the same manner.

The major difference is that they move at differing speeds. That is to say, that earth is slower while air is faster. They all attack the same way except for the ULTs. They are very cool but still not so interesting as a computer can attack and defend at the same time with ease.

How to run Elemental Awakening Roblox script

  • Download The Exploit (How To Download Guide)
  • Run The Script through your Favorite Executor App (Zeus, Delta, Furk Ultra, etc)
  • Now you’re good to go.

Auto Spin Script

Auto Level Farm

Inf Spin

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