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World Of Warcraft hack

World Of Warcraft Hack

This hack is made by ”Bubba’s” for World of Warcraft – I decided to write for educational reasons and my own need for a more user friendly hack. I want to thank the Mobius people for inspiration and everyone that has giving me bug feedback and feature suggestions. This hack wouldn’t be what it is today without you =) The source is provided freely so you can modify it in anyway you see fit.

World Of Warcraft Hacks

World Of Warcraft Hacks

– character position control
– character teleportation
– character speed control
– pc/npc/treasure tracking
– no fall damage
– mountain climb
– lock speed
– zero gravity
– teleport to plane
– follow npc
– corpse teleport

– complete WOW integration
– camera slew mode
– teleports always completed
– intermap teleport protection
– variety of teleport hotkey support
– customizeable list
– WOW version independent

Name:  World Of Warcraft Hacks.rar
Size: 4.8 m
Virustotal scan: Click Here


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