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How to Download some awesome soft from GameSoftEmpire?


1) Just click download button at the end of the file review and one out of two things should happen:

  • a) Your download will start
  • b) Your download will be locked with Content Locker

2) If option (a) happened you’re lucky because file that you’re trying to download is free and not copyrights protected. But if option (b) happened what should i do? Well that means that file you’re trying to download belongs to some third party (Company or private developer) that is selling it for money. But if this file is on our website then we made agreement with this third party and users will get this file for filling out offers ( Participating in advertisement campaign)

3) Those advertisement campaigns ( offers) are really easy to complete, some of them just require you to enter you email, some require some personal information about you, some require you phone number. Phone number campaigns are the easiest one to complete, and download page will open almost in no time after completion.

4) When participating in offer make sure you follow all instructions, if it says confirm you email make sure you really do that, if it says complete survey, just do it, it does not take much time. Make sure that you use your real information, this is really important if you will use fake information file might not unlock or you will be counted as fake user ( you will not get your file license at the end).


I can’t see anything after pressing download button

1) Clear Cookies before filling pressing download button

  • Mozilla Firefox:

Open Firefox and press Firefox button, than select History.
Click Clear Recent History. Change for Everything.
Expand the list of history items by clicking the arrow next to Details.
Check Cookies and click “Clear Now”

  • Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer, select Tools menu and click Internet Options, than select General Tab.
To delete all cookies, in the History Section, click delete. Than check the box next to cookies. Check the other boxes.
Click Delete

  • Google Chrome:

Open Chrome and press: Control+Shift+Delete
Select Cookies
Click clear browsing data

2) Disable Pop-up blockers

Pop-up blockers blocks download unlock.

  • Internet Explorer:

Click on Tools, internet options, privacy tab and make sure the pop-up blocker box is not checked.

  • Firefox:

Click tools, option, content tab and make sure first box is not checked.

3) Accepting Cookies

Check that You are accepting cookies.

  • Internet Explorer:

Click tools, internet options, privacy tab and select accept all cookies.

  • Firefox:

Click tools, option, privacy tab and make sure you have both of the cookie boxes checked.

4) Browser program Ad-blocker

Make sure all programs that are hiding, disabling advertisements on website are turned off, this might be the reason why your download did not start.

5) Filling offer

When filling in offer make sure you use valid information ( email, address, name, surname, phone number). After finishing survey check you email for confirming registration details if required. Then wait a bit, your file will be unlocked in some time. Some surveys have build in timer and if you finished survey too quickly it might think you entered fake information and will not sent confirmation script to content locker to unlock file. Best option is to fill phone offers that require user to enter phone number and confirm received pin ( they does not have build in timer and content locker will unlock exactly after entering received pin)

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  1. Where is the downoad?

  2. thanks for sharing how to use this properly bro. I can continue gaming now…

  3. fast an easy download 🙂

  4. In what country are working AdWorkMedia free? Without redirect to restan?

  5. Can you put some video tutorial how to download?

  6. I’m glad that surveys are free! 🙂 Ty for hack

  7. the surveys are fre for mee :))))

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