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Habbo Credits hack

Habbo Credits Hack 2013

Habbo Credits hack

Habbo is as you may know a virtual and social network designed specifically for teenagers. With millions of users logging in daily it became the very best teen social web community, a web community that offers not just chat but plenty of other stuff to do like play games, train and play with pets, listen to music, meet new friends, customize your and other peoples rooms. All users have their own home page that they can design to their own taste and Avatars which they can use to express themselves or just have fun. To decorate, add furniture to a room or do really anything at Habbo you need coins, a currency that is used on this site. With buying price of 10$ you get 60 coins which seems to be too high price seeing that not much can be done with only 60 coins, but by using this Habbo credits generator you can enjoy it as much as you want. The idea came to us when questions about Habbo became more frequent, at first we were skeptic and didn’t think that the project had any potential. Then one of our young members suggested coin-credit exchange and that members could trade them between each other, so here is the best ever generator that can be found for your coin needs.

This Hack Is Working As Of:

This habbo credits hack generates up too 1000 credits. Yes we’ve had a good amount of people wanting us to keep this private, this habbo credits hack comes complete with a virus scan and many vouches. If you need Credits for habbo than you should use this generator.

Habbo Credits hack features:

Habbo Credits hack features:

  • Anti-Ban Protection: YES
  • Undetectable Script: YES
  • Bypass the servers through custom API + Proxy
  • Add up to 1000 credits to your account
  • The option to use the built in hacked web browser

How to use it:

How to use it:

Download the Habbo hack to get up to 1000 credits at a time in your account:
  1. Now extract the hack and save it on your desktop or Flash Drive.
  2. You need to open it and let it load real quick.
  3. Enter your username and pass, click the recommended settings to bypass the habbo’s servers as anoynomous, and then click the connect button.
  4. This should only take a few seconds Once the connection is verified, you can use the habbo hack to add credits onto your account.
  5. Depending on the age of your account, is how you should factor how many credits you will be adding.
IMPORTANT INFO: Use this guideline to help determine how many credits you should add. Under 1 year old accounts use 100 points Under 2 years but at least 1 year old accounts can use 500 2 year + accounts can add the max amount.

Pease leave comments on the post to show others that you have got the credits successfully to your account , sharing is caring and that is why these generators are made instead of keeping private, so you guys don’t have to payout loads of money for things.

Please do not over use the habbo hack, this is just made for your enjoyment nothing else. You do not want to keep adding lots of credits in a day as this could risk your account for a ban.

This is the latest updated generator, it’s been tested and generates FREE CREDITS !


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